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V Всероссийская научно-техническая конференция с международным участием «Актуальные проблемы ракетно-космической техники» («V Козловские чтения»).

10 avril 2017

Vth All-Russian

Scientific and Technical Conference with International Participation


(Vth Kozlov Readings).

From 11 to 15 of September 2017, JSC SRC Progress will hold the Vth All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference on Focal Problems of Space-Rocket Hardware (the Vth Kozlov Readings) on its premises.


The Conference aims at summarizing accumulated experience in the field of scientific research, design, manufacture and operation of light-, medium- and heavy-lift launch vehicles, earth observation systems, sharing of mutual experience by space hardware developers, domestic and foreign scientists and experts of the aerospace industry, as well as human resource development for the aerospace industry.


• Government of Samara oblast


• Samara Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences

• Volga branch of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics


• Samara University

• Samara State Technical University

• Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Information Science

• Nadezhnost Fund


Chaiman – R.N. Akhmetov, First Deputy General Director – General Designer of JSC SRC Progress, Doctor of Engineering

Co-chairman – A.B. Prokofev, Vice-Rector For Science And Innovations of Samara University, Doctor of Engineering, professor.

Vice-chairmen – S.V. Tiulevin, First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of JSC SRC Progress, Candidate of Engineering,

– Ye.V. Kosmodemyansky, Deputy General Designer for Scientific Research, Candidate of Engineering


1. Design and manufacture of launch-vehicles and spacecraft, space research and projects.

2. Methods and means of earth remote sensing

3. Control systems, space navigation and communication.

4. Engines. Propulsion systems and thermal control systems for satellites.

5. Testing of space-rocket hardware.

6. Special-purpose systems.

7. Operation of space-rocket hardware.

8. Mathematical methods of modeling, control and optimization.

9. Computer science and information control systems.

10. Promising materials and technologies in the aerospace industry.

11 . Methods and means of data protection.

12. Small spacecraft: projects, operation.

13. Improvement of human resource development for the aerospace industry.

14. Economic affairs in the aerospace industry.

15. History of space-rocket hardware and cosmonautics

16. International cooperation in space exploration and research.


 Best papers will be published in Vestnik Samarskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta (included in the VAK, RSCI, Web of Science journal lists).

 Conference proceedings will be placed in the Russian science citation index (RSCI) system of the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.ru).

 Samara sight-seeing tour, museum tours.

The conference participation application should contain the following information: full name, position, academic degree, title, affiliation, paper title, participation format, contact telephone and e-mail.

The participation fee of 2,500 RUB or $ 50 is to be paid by foreign participants on site. A receipt will be issued upon payment. The participation fee is collected to cover the expenses for publication of conference proceedings and social events.

The Conference Program and Conference Proceedings will be available for participants on the opening day.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject papers out of line with the Conference topics and/or prepared not in accordance with the specifications, or submitted after the deadlines.


• The language of papers must be English.

• The abstract is limited to 2 pages, and the paper – to 10 pages.

• Files of abstracts and/or papers should be sent by e-mail.

• File format: Microsoft Word.

• Paper format: А4 (210 х 297 mm).

• Margins: top, left, right, bottom 20 mm.

• Font: Times New Roman 12 (text), 10 (abstract, figure captions).

• Figures, tables can be inserted in the text and should be also attached as separate BMP, or JPG, or TIF files.

• The paper title should be in upper case. Leave one empty line before and after authors’ names. Give the complete affiliation, city and country. Leave one line empty and then put the abstract (limited to 500 characters including the paper title and authors names), keywords and the text in a one-column format.

• Authors’ information should include a family name, first name, academic degree, title, position, place of employment, address, telephone, E-mail, scientific area.

The papers prepared not in accordance with the above specifications will not be accepted for publication.

The application form and a sample paper can be found at: www.samspace.ru

Application forms, paper titles and authors’ information must be submitted before 01.05.2017.

Abstracts or papers must be submitted before 20.06.2017

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the conference coordinators:

Maksim Borisov, Candidate of Engineering, tel. (846) 228-97-15, e-mail: borisovma@samspace.ru, fax: (846) 276-13-60

Svetlana Nurayeva, tel. 8 (846) 228-93-23, e-mail: nuraeva@samspace.ru, fax: 8 (846) 276-13-60


JSC SRC Progress, 18, ul. Zemetsa, Samara, 443009, RF